Smart Trax® is an award-winning,
forward-thinking approach to learning about
Music, Photography and Motion Imagery
in a very unique “hands-on”,
practical, cutting-edge and FUN way!
This is a 501.c.3 Non-Profit in-the-works.

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PreSchool Primary Middle School Secondary College Professional
The Smart Trax Institute Of Technology is designed by the highly acclaimed
and vastly creative multi-platinum, award-winning
Composer/Producer/Director & Professor

A Smart Trax® student very quickly learns the basics of song creation, lyric writing, & music recording. This knowledge then evolves into music video production. In the process you learn how to make a professional quality vocal recording as well as how to do a basic "MIX". You may also learn the basics of Digital Photography & Video: how to shoot and edit a music video for the song that you have written. If you wish, you may even learn how to make a social net and upload the video for all to see. There are courses for all levels and all ages, all utilizing Professor Musial's unique, FUN approach to learning how to create effective, DIGITAL MEDIA ART.

The curriculum has been created, tested and tweaked by Prof. David Musial, for over 25 years, (before he started his graduate studies at The Juilliaird School of Music and New York University, where he won “Instructor-of-the-Year" multiple times!) It has been extensively tested, has garnered an impressive   amount of positive reviews and more United States REGISTERED Trademarks.

Prof. Musial instructs other instructors and college student interns on his unique methodology for teaching Media Arts to the Next Generation in his MusicTech Kids® and MusicTech Teens™ program... program. In addition to the skills learned, the program may also be a solution to “VGF Syndrome™” (Video Game Finger Syndrome). The “Outcome” creation of: NextGen Stars® TV Documentaries, which are “All About The Mentors™”. The instructors and college students gain new skills while the youngsters in the program are inspired to something more with their iPhones and iPads than just play video games; they learn to bring to life their own creativity and may then pursue careers in the arts. Prof. Musial has taught over 1,000 college students since 1990, and many have gone on to earn impressive accolades.

About the founder...(A detailed biography may be discovered here.)

Professor David Allan Musial came from very loving, humble beginnings in the inner city of Buffalo, NY with his parents Art & Theresa who were farmers and factory workers. His dad was born with the "gift' of music and loved to shoot film and eventually make videos! After designing the Daybreak TV & Radio production center for the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo and scoring the themes music for the Catholic Broadcast Network of America (CTNA) and then an educational show for PBS Television, Musial studied with the famous Bob Armstrong. He was the conductor of the NBC Radio Orchestra. Musial then participated in a 4 year custom graduate studies program, under 100% sponsorships and teaching fellowships, between the prestigious Juilliard School of Music and the distinguished Masters in Music Technology at New York University from 1988-1992. (Musial later was selected as the "Instructor-Of-The-Year- four times!) This was after he also studied film & video production in the SUNY NY state system. Musial was presented the very first "Alumni-Of-The-Year" award from the Erie County Community College system in Western NY, and then represented the institute for the 50th anniversary!


David began his research in the mid 1980's. He has taught thousands of students of all ages. The accolades of his graduates are astonishing from: Disney to Carnegie Hall, The Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon, Aircraft Carrier shows to Broadway, Hollywood to Bollywood, Gold, Platinum, Emmy’s and more. In 2007 Prof. David Musial inspired and helped to launch the student division of the Bob Moog Foundation...his Music Technology Mentor.

David assisted and learned from wonderful Janie Liskiewicz-Pfeifer from age 7 and the amazing blind celebrity musician in WNY, Carlos Annibale. Musial earned a 4.0 under the Record Producing great Professor David Moulton in 1984 in the prestigious "Toemeister Program" at SUNY Fredonia long before NYU adapted the technique. Musial also learned from the legendary commercial synthesist "Suzanne Ciani", a.k.a. "America's Foremost Sound Designer" in 1987-1988 at Ciani Musica studio on Madison Ave, NYC, where he earned a very rare accolade: Musial performed the first ever MIDI File to be sold which was the "Velocity Of Love" by Ciani, published by Hal Leonard on a "floppy disc" in 1988! Musial met his Classical Electronic Music mentor, the legendary Carlos at Audio Engineering Conventions on many occasions. Carlos produced the most famous Electronic Music album(s) in history: SWITCHED ON BACH! In May of 1991, Musial was given the greatest honor to be the very fisrt person to be a solo/private Masters Student of Carlos, while he was in the midst of his Doctoral studies in Music Technology at NYU.

Musial met his Film Sound Design mentor, Frank Serafine in 1984. Frank offered Musial a job in Hollywood as a synthesist. In 2007 Frank co-produced a song titled "Freedom" with Smart Trax Graduate Brady® Cudmore! Musial has met many more icons in the Music Tech world like Don Buchla, Roger Linn (inventor of the "Digital Drum Machine"), Dave Smith (inventor of MIDI and the "Prophet V synthesizers), Max Matthews "Pioneer of Computer Music" (the MAX Music Tech software is named in his honor) Musial recorded the late, Jazz Legend "Dave Brubeck" wit a Philharmonic Orchestra and a large chorus for a CBS TV special. Musial also co-produced the video, and then he taught Dave Brubeck how to use Digital Sampling Music Technology in his studio as he composed music for the Pope's mass in America in 1987!)

Prof. Musial met "Sam Ash, Jr" as well as "Richie, David & Charles Ash", owners of thew famous "SAM ASH MUSIC chain, in 1990 and he ws asked through them to design a Music Tech facility for the creator of the Broadway Musical and hit song "You Light Up My Life". Then he consulted and taught "Bruce Johnson" of the "Beach Boys" about Music Technology who asked Musial to "move" to Santa Barbara, CA to run his private recording studio near the Michael Jackson estate. Most uniquely, after Musial became a member of the GRAMMYS in 2007, he met the greatest record producer on Earth: "Phil Ramone", who earned the most amount of Grammys. The late "Phil Ramone" in 2010 gave Musial his home address and asked him to start sending him song demos by a Smart Trax grad, Brady®. Phil was going to produce songs for Brady after he finished the current album with "George Michael". May Mr. Ramone rest in musical peace!

The most cherished awards are the induction into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame (along with his mentor Dr. Robert (Bob) Moog and the President of MTV), and even more exotic, the “Promoting of Positive Messages Through Music” rare award from the United States Department of Justice. Prof. Musial created the audio post production, and scored the Themes Song, and even mastered the album for an Anti-Violence campaign for the United States Department of Education, which won an EMMY AWARD for MTV! Prof. Musial’s Music & Technology Bachelors Degree Curriculum won the 2nd place award in America & beyond at the prestigious BEST COLLEGES rating organization, for being the “MOST INNOVATIVE MUSIC TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM CHANGING THE INDUSTRY”.

Musial has also shot thousands of professional portraits and produced over 100 studio and live music videos, all with state-of-the-art digital software. So Professor Musial has decided to launch his own school, hire his dynamic creative graduates to help him now teach the Next Generation of Stars with his award-winning techniques!

When it comes to Music and Art: IF IT’S NOT FUN, DON’T DO IT!

"Those who are smart can explain their work very well. Those who are brilliant may have trouble"%
"Express your brilliance through Music after the Smart Trax experience
Prof. Musial

Robert L. Hecker, 2016 at 94 years young

Prof. Musial produced the Original Cast Album & Stage Soundtrack
for his brillaint Off-Broadway Music "Honestly Abe"
starring Smart Trax Grad Brady®

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