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The founder of the Smart Trax® Institute Professor David Musial, is an award-winning professor of Media Arts & Engineering, with a great deal of Music & Entertainment Industry experience. Prof. Musial designed the Audio For Video 1 & 2 courses at New York University, which helped him to win the unique "Instructor-Of-The Year" Award, presented by the student government, FOUR TIMES between 1992 & 1997! Prof. Musial also designed the entire Bachelors Degree Curriculum in Music & Technology for the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology (across the Hudson from the Empire State Building.) He also hired all of the faculty and toured the nation many times, recruiting the majority of the majors for the Music & Art Technology programs. His curriculum placed second in the industry at the BEST COLLEGES site 2012 for "MOST INNOVATIVE MUSIC & TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM CHANGING THE INDUSTRY"!

Professor Musial is mentoring college Music, Photography & Video Technology/Production students in the Smart Tarx Institute. He is teaching them how to use his award-winning, unique approach. Musial became famous for "out-of-the-classrrom" experiences, which helped many of his graduates get amazing jobs in the industry. One World Artists, LLC, the parent company, offers official credit bearing internships. Many of the sessions are held in the very unique, state-of-the-art , SkyRoom Studio facility, perched high above the Metro NYC harbor in a 35th floor Penthouse Suite in the majestic, downtown Jersey City. It's just one subway stop from Greenwich Village and 2 stops from the new Oculus at the World Trade Center. Hundreds of students have taken courses here taught by Prof. Musial.