Professor David Musial, the founder, was first invited to teach primary age students in 1978 when he was a freshman in college. He did so on Electronic Home Organs, the early Music Technology devices. In 1990 Musial was hired to conduct music in a church in Hoboken across the Hudson River from the Empire State Building area of Manhattan. He enhanced the Pipe Organ with Synthesizers, Orchestral Digital Sample playback instruments, and surround sound speakers. His children's choir especially enjoyed the sounds, and this is where "Manny" was discovered.  In 1995 he placed into the Smart Trax® Institute scholarship program, the siblings "Manny & Joy (MJ) Medina" ages 8 & 6. These children rapidly excelled, and nearly immediately started making cartoon character voices. By the ages of 12 & 10 they had their first full album on CD. Manny sang on a song Musial composed which earned an Emmy Award for the United States Department of Education on MTV! Eventually, they would start giving concerts. They got their own live TV Show in New York City, they performed in Disney and more.  In 2004 Prof. Musial was hired to create an award-winning college bachelor's degree in Music Technology. In 2010 after receiving the most unusual award from the United States Department of Justice for "PROMOTING POSITIVE MESSAGES THROUGH MUSIC," he was invited to teach a version of his MusicTech Kids® Program in the prestigious "Hudson School" in Hoboken. In 2014 he actually registered the United States Trademark. Many primary school-aged students hired Musial to teach this program privately, and in 2021, the very unique "WALDO" school in the middle of the historic ARTS DISTRICT in downtown Jersey City invited the MusicTech Kids program to teach children in the 1st to 4th grades, how to make Songs and then Music Videos including the first Alma Mater! We have made songs for hugh cultural stages and massive parade, especiually for the Polish, Puerto Rican, Irish and India cultures. We even made 90 minute "Movie" about "Mermaids" and now in 2022, a feature TV Documentary/Ski Training movie! Already about 50 unique Music Videos have been made in this very successful program. 
The Hudson School - Hoboken, NJ 2010 The Waldo School, Jersey City 2021-2022
Our students have created sonsg and have also sung on songs which have been used on hugh cultural stages and in massive parades!